December 8, 2023

How to Last Longer in Bed Book

If you have ever felt like a failure in bed because of premature ejaculation, then this book is for you. The secrets inside are guaranteed to work and will transform you into a PEFG destroying bedroom dynamo! This is the only permanent solution on earth that actually works and has been tested for years.

Packed with cutting-edge scientific research and radical sexual techniques, this how to last longer in bed book will teach you everything you need to know about beating PEFG, enhancing your performance and bringing her a mind-blowing orgasm every time. It’s about more than just your orgasm, though – it’s about hers as well. Unlike other PEFG solutions that use distraction tactics or try to trick your brain into focusing on something else, this book teaches you how to train yourself to delay the point of no return during sex. It’s just like training for a marathon or weight lifting to build bigger muscles, but this time it will give you more sexual stamina and an arsenal of sexual tactics that will ensure she is completely satisfied.

Many kids will stall by using the need to go to the bathroom as an excuse for staying up later, but this can be easily prevented by making sure that they have done it before bedtime each night. You can also make a visual schedule of their bedtime routine to help them feel involved and to encourage them to keep the same steps each night.


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