February 11, 2022

How To Know If You Have A Binge Eating Disorder

Millions of people are affected by binge eating disorder. The majority are women, but men can also be afflicted with this disorder. There are several different signs that may indicate you have binge eating disorder. If you find yourself having any of these signs, it is important to speak with a professional. Read more on how to know if you have a binge eating disorder.

Intro: How To Know If You Have A Binge Eating Disorder

How To Know If You Have A Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder is not just about the quantity of food that is eaten during a single instance of bingeing, but it's also about the intensity of emotions experienced during the episode. Here are some ways to tell if you might have binge eating disorder.

Rapid Eating

Rapid eating is a sign of binge eating disorder. It is the speed at which you consume food, not necessarily the quantity of food eaten. People who have binge eating disorder will often feel a loss of control once they start, and this often leads to overeating.

Eating Until Uncomfortably Full

One of the main signs of binge eating disorder is eating until you are so full that you feel uncomfortable. This type of bingeing is different from people who eat until they are comfortably full. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortably full after eating, this may be one sign of binge eating disorder.

Feelings of Guilt After Overeating

One of the top signs that you may have binge eating disorder is feeling guilty after eating. Furthermore, binge eating is usually an escape from negative emotions, which can include feeling guilty. When you overeat, it becomes a way for you to disconnect from your emotions. It becomes a habit and a coping mechanism for negative feelings that could lead to other problems in the future.

Feelings of Low Self-Esteem

Feeling that you are not good enough or worthy of love is a common symptom of binge eating disorder. It also tends to contribute to the eating disorder, making it a cycle that’s difficult to get out of. You feel not good enough or unworthy of love causes you to binge eat, which causes you to feel not good enough, which leads to more binge eating. This can quickly spiral out of control and cause multiple other issues besides binge eating disorder, including depression.

Frequent Dieting

Repeated dieting is one of the top warning signs of binge eating disorder. If you find yourself constantly trying to lose weight or restrict your food intake, it could be an indication that you are experiencing emotions associated with binge eating disorder.

Conclusion: How To Know If You Have A Binge Eating Disorder

If you or someone you know suffers from binge eating disorder, it is important to get help. Binge eating disorder can lead to serious health consequences such as obesity and diabetes. There are a number of treatments available for binge eating disorder, including talk therapy and medication. Finally, research an eating disorder center in your area for more information.

How To Know If You Have A Binge Eating Disorder

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