August 18, 2023

How to Hollow Your Cheekbones

Although chubby cheeks were the model norm not so long ago (think Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss), these days it’s all about a chiseled face with prominent cheekbones. It’s a very attractive look, and one that many women strive to achieve. The modelling industry puts a premium on models who have cheekbones that are pronounced and angular, so they can be seen from all angles. The look is also associated with sexual maturity and trustworthiness.

The bones that make up the cheekbones are known as the maxilla and zygomatic bones. There’s a space between these two bones and the bottom part of the jaw called a cheek hollow, which is what gives the face that chiseled look. During normal craniofacial development, the jaw and cheekbones lose baby fat over time and become larger. However, certain diseases and illnesses like anorexia can compromise this process and lead to the appearance of sunken cheeks.

Another common cause of this condition is the natural ageing process which sees the production of collagen and elastin decrease over time, leaving the skin to become thinner and more flat. Some people may also be born with the condition due to genetic factors, but this is rare.

There are several options available to plump the cheeks including dermal fillers and facial surgery. The right option for you will depend on your budget, aesthetic goals, and your body’s tolerance to treatments. We recommend speaking with a plastic surgeon to discuss the best options to suit your needs.


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