August 18, 2023

How to Hollow Cheeks

Hollow cheeks are a coveted look of the modeling industry and a sign of youth, health and vitality. In reality, the appearance of prominent cheekbones is not only attainable, but relatively easy. There are many ways to achieve the cheekbones of your dreams, from mewing and proper swallowing to buccal fat pad reduction surgery and dermal fillers.

A few common causes of sunken cheeks include aging, loss of facial fat and muscle mass, and malnourishment. These are all very treatable with the help of non-surgical options like fillers, or surgical procedures with long-lasting results.

Increasing your body fat percentage can plump up the skin in the area and make the cheeks fuller. However, this is not an ideal option for most people. This is because too much fat can actually be unhealthy, especially if the weight is concentrated in the abdomen.

Another way to plump the skin is through injections of a natural substance found in your body called Hyaluronic Acid. The best fillers for hollow cheeks are those that contain this substance, because they have a lower risk of side effects and provide more natural results.

A third option to get a more chiseled jawline is to work the muscles in your neck. These are often neglected by people seeking to tone their bodies, but if you do the right exercises, you can tighten up and slim the neck. Try exercises such as forward, backward and side-to-side rotations of the neck to release tension and slim the area.


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