April 16, 2023

How to Give Dogs CBD

how to give dogs cbd

Giving your dog cbd is a great way to help them stay happy and healthy. It can help relieve pain, anxiety, and other issues that your dog may be experiencing. Here are a few ways you can give your dog CBD:


Treats are a great way to get your pet to associate CBD with something they already enjoy. They also make a great alternative to administering CBD oil directly.


Most CBD tinctures are easy to use. Simply squirt the appropriate amount of tincture into your dog’s mouth with a plastic dropper for safety.

Mixing It With Their Food

You can also add a few drops of CBD oil to your dog’s food. This method is best if you’re dealing with a picky dog or your dog has trouble swallowing the tincture.

Applying It Directly Under The Tongue

Taking CBD oil under the tongue is the fastest and most effective way to administer it. But it can be tricky to do with picky dogs, especially if you’re trying to get them to take it when they have trouble concentrating.

Another option is to dilute the CBD oil in water. This method is more difficult with picky dogs, but it can be a good idea for those who aren’t keen on full-spectrum CBD oils.

When you’re choosing the best CBD for your dog, be sure to check out our dosing guide and other important information like product ingredients and company reputation. Then, you can find the perfect holistic approach to enhancing your dog’s wellbeing!


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