April 16, 2023

How to Give CBD to Dogs

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your dog healthy, consider adding CBD to your pet’s diet. This holistic ingredient is known to have a range of health benefits, including pain relief and support for immune system function, among others.

How to Give Cbd to Your Dog

One of the most common reasons pet parents turn to cbd is for pain relief. Whether their dog is arthritic or prone to mobility issues, CBD helps maintain joint flexibility, strengthen connective tissue, and reduce joint stiffness and discomfort.

You’ll find most cbd companies provide specific dosage guidelines to help you figure out what dose is right for your dog. These range from low to high, and most recommend that you start with a lower dose and increase it slowly.

Then, check back daily to see how your dog responds!

Add CBD to Your Dog’s Food

If your dog has a good appetite, it’s easy to mix a small amount of cbd into their meal. You can use a dropper or measure out the appropriate amount of oil and pour it on their wet food or hard kibble. If they don’t eat it all, then you can feed it again later to make sure your dog gets the benefit of CBD in their food.

Treat Your Dog with Yogurt

Providing your dog with yogurt can be an easy way to sneak CBD into their diet. Most dogs enjoy yogurt and it provides a healthy source of protein and good bacteria, which will help improve their digestion and support their immune system.


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