December 27, 2022

How To Get Rid Of Pain From A Sunburn

How To Get Rid Of Pain From A Sunburn

Summer is arguably one of the best seasons of the year. There’s a break from school, and perfect weather. It’s the ideal vacation time. Whether you are traveling and exploring new places. Or lying on the beach. Or hanging out by the pool. Even having a BBQ. It’s even a great season for fashion. However, it also means the chances of getting a sunburn are pretty high. If you’ve ever had a sunburn, then you know how excruciatingly painful it can be. There are many remedies that soothe sunburned skin. Some are store bought while others are home remedies. Let's look at how to get rid of pain from a sunburn below.

Prevention Is Key To Avoid Pain From A Sunburn


The pain that comes with having a sunburn is no joke. This is why it’s best to avoid getting burnt altogether. There are ways that you can spend time in the sun, and keep yourself protected. Sunscreen being the number one thing. It’s important to wear sunscreen, especially on your face. Even if you think you will just be running around outside quickly. It doesn’t take long for your skin to react to the sun. It is also helpful to wear a hat, or some sort of light clothing cover. Like a linen shawl or lightweight cardigan.

Take Immediate Action To Avoid The Pain From A Sunburn


So you didn’t take proper precautions, and now you have a sunburn. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us. Maybe you did wear sunscreen, but it wore off quicker than you expected, and now you’re burnt and starting to feel the sting. It is important to act quickly, as you can possibly lessen the pain before it fully forms. Taking a cool, or even cold shower after developing a sunburn will help calm your skin. You may also leave your skin damp when getting out of the shower, and apply moisturizer. When our skin burns, it dries out. The drying also adds to the pain we feel. When we moisturize our damp skin, it works to lock in the water. There are many benefits to a good moisturizer or body butter. You can read more about that here on our website. Plus, using the right product can help redeem the situation quickly, find some of the best dermatological products in UAE from this website. 

Taking a Pain Reliever

Maybe you have a long car ride home from the beach. Your skin starts to feel tight, and you know that you’ve developed a burn. Being away from home you don’t have the luxury of jumping in a cool shower. That’s okay, you can take a pain reliever in the meantime. Aspirin or ibuprofen will help not only alleviate some of the pain, but it may even stop it from coming on. It also helps to reduce the skin's swelling and redness.

Hydration Is Important To Get Rid Of Pain From A Sunburn


As a general rule, drinking a lot of water is always a great thing. However, it’s even more important when dealing with a sunburn. When our skin gets burned, it is drawing all of the water in our body to the surface. This is why our skin will feel tight, and dry. Drinking more water than you normally would will help to stay hydrated, and help combat the dryness process.

Avoid “Caines”


It’s a good rule of thumb to moisturize sunburned skin, for reasons already mentioned. However, you can also use aloe vera and hydrocortisone creams. This will help relieve pain and swelling on the surface of your skin. Some people also say to use sprays such as solarcaine or lidocaine. While it may feel good, temporarily, it’s actually not suggested to use these. The reason being is that it can actually irritate your skin more, and prolong the sunburn.

Conclusion: How To Get Rid Of Pain From A Sunburn

Sunburns are sometimes unavoidable, even when trying to avoid it. Sometimes you can take all the precautions, but life happens. We get burnt. It's a part of the summer fun life. However, there are things that you can use to help alleviate the pain of a sunburn, while your skin is healing itself. You can also check out the Mayo Clinic to see what advice they have as well.

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