November 19, 2023

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick

A cowlick is a natural part of your hair that can be difficult to deal with — but it doesn’t have to be. While some people have them more pronounced or in more obvious areas, they’re actually pretty common, and while they can make styling your hair a pain, they can also add a little bit of desirable volume to your locks.

If you have a definite cowlick in one area of your head, the best way to deal with it is to embrace it. Try experimenting with different ways to part your hair, like a middle or deep side part, and see which look suits you best. You can also try adding a few waves or curls to your hair, as this will distract from the part and create more of a natural volume that might make it less noticeable.

Another way to deal with a cowlick is to use styling products that will help it blend in and stay put. While it won’t get rid of the pattern completely, a good quality smoothing spray and heat protectant will help your hair to hold its shape better and not fly around as much. Then, when you’re ready to blow dry your hair, start by brushing the section that has the cowlick and then switching up which direction you’re blow drying it – this confuses the roots and will hopefully break the stubborn directions it tends to grow in.

Finally, if all else fails and your cowlick is too stubborn to cooperate, you can always try getting a haircut that will help camouflage it. If you have bangs, consider splitting them so that you can leave a chunk of your hair behind, or ask your stylist for a textured cut to give your cowlick some weight and help it blend in.


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