November 19, 2023

How to Get Mounjaro For $25

Tirzepatide, known by the brand name Mounjaro, is a new medication that is quickly gaining popularity as a weight loss treatment. The medication mimics the effects of GLP-1 and GIP, hormones that are released in your gut after a meal and promote insulin secretion. These hormones also help reduce appetite and slow the rate of digestion. The medication has been shown to help patients achieve significant and sustained weight loss. Unfortunately, the price of this medication can be prohibitive for many individuals. However, there are resources and programs available that can help you obtain Mounjaro for as low as $25 per month.

The first step is to speak with your healthcare provider. Your physician may be aware of opportunities to save money on the medication or recommend a cheaper alternative. You can also ask your healthcare provider about prescription discount cards that are designed to help individuals without insurance access medications at a discounted price.

If you do not have health insurance or you have a high deductible, you can find assistance through pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs (PAPs). These are designed to offer free or low-cost medications to eligible individuals who cannot afford their prescriptions. You can search for a PAP that offers Mounjaro or other drugs by visiting the website of the manufacturer. Once you have found a program, follow the instructions to apply. You will then be able to use the coupon at your preferred pharmacy to receive your medication for as low as $25.


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