November 19, 2023

How to Get Fake Tan Off Hands

Self-tan is a great way to give yourself an instant sun-kissed glow and, best of all, doesn’t put your skin at risk of real UV damage. But if you aren’t careful, sloppy application can lead to patchy and streaky areas, especially on hands, feet and nails.

Streaked palms and terracotta cuticles don’t just say ‘fake tan amateur’, they can also be uncomfortable to live with. Luckily, there are some easy hacks to remove fake tan from your hands that are super quick and simple to do at home.

Lemons don’t just look great rimmed in cocktail glasses, they are a powerful natural bleach that works wonders at fading fake tan. Take a clean cloth (ideally microfiber or muslin, but the corner of a tea towel will do) and soak it in lemon juice, then gently wipe over the affected area(s). This will lighten the colour and help break down the product.

Acetone nail polish remover is another go-to for removing fake tan from your nails and knuckles. But remember to be extremely targeted, soaking a cotton pad with the stuff and only using it on the very darkest areas.

If you’re really struggling with smudges or patches, try mixing together a light body polish and oil to create your own homemade exfoliant. Just remember to be very targeted, and avoid scrubbing too aggressively as this can lead to red raw patches of skin. Alternatively, you can always grab a body scrub or body oil that contains oils like coconut and use it to gently remove any patchy spots.


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