November 19, 2023

How to Get Eyelash Out of Eye - 3 Easy Ways to Get Eyelash Out of Eye

The eyelashes that line the edge of the eyelid are designed to protect and lubricate the eyes. Sometimes, though, they get stuck and cause irritation and itching. Most people naturally want to rub the irritated area, but that can actually make things worse. Instead, try to resist the temptation and instead use one of these techniques for getting an eyelash out of your eye.

1. Look Into a Mirror and Locate the Eyelash

Try to locate the eyelash by looking at your face in a mirror. It may be difficult to see, so you might need to move your eyes around to get a better view of the area. Once you find it, hold your eyelid open and blink several times to see if your natural tears can flush the eyelash out.

2. Swipe the Eyelash With a Cotton Swab

Try using a clean, soft, cotton swab to swipe the eyelash out of your eye. This is probably the most common and easiest method for removing an eyelash that is stuck. Be careful, though, to not poke the eyeball. The cornea is delicate and poking can cause an eye injury.

3. Pin the Eyelash Between Your Fingers

If a simple swipe doesn’t work, try to pin the eyelash between your fingers and then pull it gently directly outward. This works best for eyelashes that are in the top part of the eye. If the lashes are in the bottom part of your eye, you might need to use artificial tears or a saline solution to flush them out.


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