April 16, 2023

How to Flavor CBD Oil

how to flavor cbd oil

The Taste of CBD Oil

While the bitter, grassy flavor of hemp has made some people avoid CBD products, it is possible to add flavors to your tincture. Flavors can come from terpenes and other additives, or they can be naturally derived from citrus and mint extracts.

When a tincture is flavored, it must be kept away from heat and sunlight to preserve its quality and strength. This also ensures that the terpenes or essential oils will not reduce the potency of the CBD.

Adding Stevia Drops

If you want to tone down the bitter, grassy flavor of your cbd oil without changing its potency, you can use stevia drops. These sweeteners are a natural alternative to sugar and can be found at any organic food store.

Using Mints and Tic-Tacs

One of the most common ways to improve the taste of unflavored CBD oil is to add mint or tic-tacs under your tongue while you take it sublingually. This will help to mask the grassy aftertaste and prevent you from noticing it when you take it.

Adding Chocolate

Another way to enhance the taste of CBD oil is to add a little chocolate under your tongue while you take it. This will help to eliminate the grassy aftertaste that often comes with CBD sublingually, and will make the experience more pleasant.

Adding Fruit and Vitamin Drops

If you don’t like the flavor of CBD oil but need it for a particular reason, try adding fruit or vitamin drops to your tincture. These are a great way to increase your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.


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