April 16, 2023

How to File an Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits Form

expedited reinstatement of benefits form

If your Social Security disability benefits stopped because you found gainful employment, you can ask SSA to reinstate your benefits using the expedited reinstatement of benefits form (EXR). EXR allows you to ask for benefits within five years after you stop receiving them.

Expedited Reinstatement

The Social Security Administration sets strict limits on how much you can earn before your eligibility for disability benefits stops. The limits are known as "substantial gainful activity" or SGA for short. For 2023, the SGA level is $1,470 a month for disabled workers, and $2,460 a month for blind beneficiaries.

How to apply for Expedited Reinstatement

To qualify for expedited reinstatement, you must have lost your income from work, have a current medical condition that is the same or substantially related to your original qualifying disability, and have been disabled since the date of termination of your disability.

You must also file a timely request for expedited reinstatement, which is usually done through an SSA field office or a claims examiner at the DDS.

During the process, SSA will pay you "provisional" benefits to help cover your expenses while they review your EXR application. This is similar to the provisional benefits you received while SSA evaluated your initial SSD application.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for EXR, talk to an experienced Social Security disability attorney. They can explain your options and help you move your case forward quickly. They will also help you decide whether to file a new claim or go through the EXR process.


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