November 19, 2023

How to Fart on Demand - The Best Ways to Fart on Demand

Passing gas is a normal bodily function. But for some people, farting can be a real pain in the ass. Knowing how to fart on demand can help alleviate the problem, and it’s actually pretty easy once you know a few tricks. Men’s Health put together a list of the best ways to fart on command, and some of them will even make you laugh.

The Air Swallow Method

One of the most simple, and most effective, methods for farting on demand involves simply swallowing air. To do this, sit up straight in a comfortable position and fill your mouth with air (don’t inhale into your lungs). After doing this several times, you should feel your stomach begin to burp. This will let out the gases that are trapped in your stomach, and you should then be able to fart easily anywhere.

The Happy Baby Pose

This yoga pose is great for releasing trapped gas in the anus, and it’s also great for relaxing your whole body. To do this, lie down on the ground and place your feet together, then bend your knees, grab your feet with your hands, and pull your feet up to your chest. This will cause the air to build up in your anus, and when you open your anal sphincters, it’ll release the gas that has been building up. This method isn’t a permanent solution, but it should help you pass gas if you need to.


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