November 18, 2023

How to Fake a Fever

Faking a fever is something many people do for different reasons. Children do it to skip school, while adults might do it to convince their bosses they are sick. Regardless of the reason, faking a fever is usually easy, especially if you know some simple tricks.

One of the most important things when faking a fever is looking hot and sweaty. This is because people with fevers often have flushed faces and foreheads even though they feel cold. This can be done by taking a hot shower without getting your hair wet, heating the water in the sink before washing your face, or by rubbing your face with a towel that is slightly wet. If you don’t want to use a towel, you can heat up your hands with a blow dryer and then rub your face vigorously.

Moreover, you must act like you don’t have an appetite since a loss of appetite is also a symptom of fever. When someone asks you if you are hungry, say that you don’t feel very well and would prefer some tea or soup.

Another thing you can do is shiver from time to time, as a lot of people with fevers have tremors. It is quite easy to fake shivering; just tighten the muscles in your legs and arms for a minute, then relax them. Your limbs will automatically shake a bit, creating the illusion of a tremor. This technique can be repeated a few times throughout the day to make your acting seem more convincing.


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