November 19, 2023

How to Eat Mango

Mango is a beloved fruit all over the world for its refreshing, sweet taste. It's an excellent snack food, a scrumptious side to a meal and the hero of many drool-worthy dessert recipes. It's also a staple in many smoothie, salad and chutney recipes too! Its versatility makes it the ideal ingredient to pair with a variety of foods and spices.

The first step to eating a mango is to select a good one. Check for ripeness by squeezing it gently. It should have a little give, similar to the feel of a ripe avocado or peach. It should also have a fruity, juicy, and sweet smell.

Once the mango has been squeezed, the next steps are to cut it into chunks or slices and peel it. The skin is quite thick and can be difficult to peel. A small paring knife or a specially made mango tool is a good option to use for this task. Alternatively, you can also use your fingernails or a spoon to peel it. Once the mango has been sliced or chopped, it is ready to be eaten or used in recipes.

If the mango is not yet ripe, you can place it in a paper bag and leave it on the counter to ripen. It will emit ethylene gas and help it to ripen faster. Once ripe, store the mango in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. It will keep for up to five days this way.


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