November 19, 2023

How to Draw Venom

Venom is a memorable character who’s been featured in the Marvel universe for decades. A powerful villain who became an antihero, Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most prominent enemies and is a fascinating figure to study. With his imposing figure, long and sharp teeth and a slithering tongue, he’s a striking character to draw.

To draw venom, start by creating a circle and an elongated oval for the head. Sketch these shapes using light pencil strokes. Make sure to leave space for Venom’s jaw and the rounded shape of his chest. Next, add vertical and horizontal construction lines to help you define the character’s stance.

Draw the rounded body of Venom, and use the construction lines as guides to help you draw his arms. Draw the biceps and the visible part of his triceps, then detail the muscles of his shoulders and forearms. Finally, draw his hands and the spider symbol on his chest.

Next, draw the mouth and the long and curved tongue. Venom’s wide and toothy mouth is a feature that’s been remembered by many fans, bringing him closer to images of demons and skeletons.

Finish the drawing of Venom by adding the eyes and the full spider symbol on his chest. Outline the rest of the body with clear and dark lines. Erase the extra lines and refine your Venom drawing. Color your artwork to complete the process. Enjoy your finished drawing!


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