November 19, 2023

How to Draw Teeth and Lips

If done well, teeth and lips can make or break a portrait. They are a key part of the facial expression and can be a real challenge for the beginner to sketch accurately. But with the right techniques, drawing teeth can be easy!

The first step in drawing a mouth is to sketch the basic outline using a pencil and a reference photo. Then draw the upper and lower lip using straight and curved lines. Finally, draw the top row of teeth. To depict the bottom row of teeth, use curved lines of varying lengths.

Teeth are hard structures in the oral cavity that are used for the primary mechanical processing of food. They consist of a crown, which is visible above the gum line, and a root that is hidden within the jawbone.

It is important to remember that teeth and gums will look different with every facial expression. An expression of anger, for example, will show more of the teeth and upper gums than a smile would. Therefore, it is crucial to study the expression of the person that you are trying to sketch and take this into consideration.

Using charcoal is an excellent technique for shading the gums and teeth. It helps to create a very realistic and life-like appearance. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not blend any areas until the end of your sketch as it is difficult to add graphite on top of a blended area.


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