November 19, 2023

How to Draw a Sloth

There’s something to be said about sloths; these gentle tree-dwellers aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere, and they live life at their own pace. Sloths are a popular animal to draw and have become a staple in the art community due to their unique appearance and reputation for laziness. If you’re looking to add this cute little mammal to your repertoire, or simply want to learn how to draw a sloth, this article will provide the easy-to-follow tips you need!

Step 1

To begin, sketch two small ovals for the cartoon sloth’s eyes. Make sure the eyes are vertical and not next to each other, as this will make it look more realistic. To the right of the eyes, draw a curved line that extends downward for the neck and head of the sloth. Sketch lightly at first and darken as needed.

Step 2

To draw the sloth’s body, draw an oval. Add another oval for the chest and then a long, curved line extending upward for the arms and tail of the sloth. Make sure the tail is a little shorter than the arm and leg.

Using a thin brush and light brown paint, add shading within the face pattern of your sloth drawing. Use a darker shade of brown to add shading throughout the rest of the drawing, including the legs and main body. Use a blending brush to smooth out the colors you have applied.


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