March 23, 2023

How to Do Astral Projection Meditation

astral projection meditation

Astral projection is a concept that is rooted in Eastern cultures and many spiritual traditions. It can be triggered spontaneously or consciously by practice. It is a form of meditation that helps you separate your consciousness (the "spirit" or "astral body") from your physical body.

Astral Projection is a spiritual practice that allows you to see beyond the physical world, explore different planes of existence and travel anywhere in the universe! The concept has been around for centuries, but it's reemerging in popularity as a new era of meditative practices emerge.

How to Do Astral Projection Meditation

As you begin the meditation process, it is important to establish a safe and quiet place where you will be able to relax without interruption. This will help you to feel at ease and reduce any fear that may arise from the experience.

Before you start the meditation, it is also a good idea to visualize a protective circle of white light around yourself, removing any negative energy that might be in the way. You can also meditate with a peaceful music track that is free of drum beats and other sounds that might interfere with your experience.

During your meditation, focus on relaxing your body and the area surrounding your head, breathing deeply. Once you are relaxed, you can begin to visualize the "astral cord" that connects the third chakra in your solar plexus to your 'light-body' or soul. Once you have done this, you can then focus on traveling to the 'astral plane' where your soul resides!


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