December 16, 2023

How to Do an Egg Cleanse

An egg cleanse is an ancient, effective ritual that removes negative energy from your body. It is a great ritual to perform when you are feeling unlucky, sick, or sad. You will need one egg and a glass of water.

First, wash the eggs with salt and lemon juice. This helps to purify the eggs and prepare them for the ritual. Next, add the water to a glass and place an egg inside of it. When the egg cracks, look at the patterns and shapes that appear in the shell. The interpretations for the egg shells are complex and depend on various ancient cultures and practices, but they often relate to the original intention or prayer that was said before performing the cleansing ritual.

While still in the water, move the egg over your body, imagining that it is absorbing all of the bad energy. Be sure to pay special attention to any areas that are aching or painful, as this indicates that these areas hold more negative energy. When you are finished, take the egg and bury it in the ground or flush it down the toilet.

It is important to dispose of the egg materials properly, because the negative energy that was consumed by the egg is toxic. Never throw the egg away or eat it! It is also important not to reuse the glass that the egg was placed in for consumption. This is a spiritual tool that should only be used for egg-cleanse readings.


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