February 3, 2024

How to Do a Spiritual Cleansing

spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleansing involves conducting rituals designed to purify and balance the energy in both your body and home. By clearing away negative energies that cause fear, jealousy, anger, depression or stress; increasing intuition or creating wholeness they can also help remove barriers that prevent success from manifesting and allow you to live the best life possible. If done regularly a spiritual cleanse can remove obstacles to success so you can live life to its fullest.

There are various spiritual cleansing techniques you can try, so find one that speaks to you and set an intention for each ritual you undertake. This will give your energy something tangible to work towards while channeling positive energies forward during this journey. Examples of spiritual cleansing may include meditating, smudging, taking a salt bath and journaling out negative energies from the mind.

Before initiating any spiritual cleansing ritual, ensure the area in which you'll be performing it is clean and uncluttered. Remove all unnecessary objects such as clutter or open the windows for fresh air circulation; use sage or palo santo to clear out and energetically cleanse the space.

Set an intention during your spiritual cleansing ritual to release any negative or toxic energies that have been burdening you. You can do this by listing them silently or aloud while surrounding yourself or another object with smoke, or you could visualize negativity dissolving into nothingness and becoming nothingness.


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