March 23, 2023

How to Do a Chakra Clearing Meditation

chakra clearing meditation

Chakra meditation is an ancient practice that focuses on healing or balancing the body’s energy centers, called chakras. It’s a centuries-old concept used in yoga, reiki and other alternative wellness practices.

A blocked chakra is often a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, negative thinking and a lack of sleep or physical activity. It can also manifest as an emotional imbalance, such as feeling insecure or lonely, or health problems like headaches or indigestion.

During your meditation, focus on the positive aspects of the chakra to unblock it and help it return to balance. Then, imagine any emotional blockages dissolving away, and visualize what it would feel like to be free from those attachments.

Use a crystal to help open and balance each chakra

The chakras are energy centers that connect to different parts of the body, including organs and nerve bundles. They are believed to process and distribute the energy that’s needed for optimal health, well-being and vitality.

Each chakra has specific yoga postures that are designed to bring it into balance. In addition to moving through these poses, yogic tradition teaches breathing exercises to help build strength and calm the nervous system.

Clear the heart chakra

This energy center relates to your emotions and compassion for yourself and others. It is essential to open this blockage so that you can practice a gentle loving kindness towards yourself and to develop deeper connections with the world around you.

To do a heart chakra clearing meditation, get comfortable in a seated position and close your eyes. With each inhale, visualize an emerald green light filling your chest cavity. On your exhale, send this healing energy out to the world around you.


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