August 18, 2023

How to Deal With People With Superiority Complexes

When dealing with someone who has a superiority complex, it's important to remember that they are likely experiencing serious pain when they act obnoxiously. "Supporting those with superiority complexes requires patience and empathy," writes psychotherapist Sterlin Mosley. "We must remember that they are likely to be suffering from severe self esteem and feelings of inadequacy and that their actions are defensive."

Often, these people will seek out leadership positions as a way to feel powerful and to get others to validate their sense of superiority. They may also have difficulty accepting criticism, which can cause them to become irrational and even abusive. "They will refuse to take a look at their own poor behaviour and instead lash out at those around them who do not agree with them," says neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez, via Bustle.

They tend to overstate their accomplishments and achievements, in order to convince themselves that they are better than everyone else. They will also make exaggerated statements about their intelligence and other abilities, in an attempt to impress others.

Those with this mental disorder are very difficult to deal with, as they are prone to mood swings and are unable to accept the fact that there are people who are smarter than them. They will often become irrational and can be physically aggressive, which can make it hard to get along with them. In some cases, it is possible to spot the signs of a superiority complex in a person, but this type of defense mechanism can be confused with several other conditions such as narcissistic personality disorder or bipolar disorder.


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