March 19, 2023

How to Create a Meditation Altar

meditation altar

A meditation altar is an important tool in any spiritual journey. It allows us to establish a sacred space within our homes that is dedicated to meditation, prayer and self care. Whether it is a simple box or a room filled with ritual objects, this altar space serves as a reminder of the inner journey towards greater self awareness and integration.

The process of creating your own meditation altar is relatively simple. First, choose a space that is quiet and comfortable to meditate in. Then, decorate it with meaningful objects, representations, photos, statues and other inspiring keepsakes.

Start with meaningful objects that you feel connected to, that speak to your intention or a theme that you have chosen for your practice. These can be anything from a photograph of a person or animal that you admire, to a candle in a specific color, a rock or piece of jewelry.

Next, decide where you want to place the items on your meditation altar. For some, this will be a table or bench with a few stones, statues or candles on top. For others, it will be a larger room where they can meditate.

Cleanse the meditation altar regularly to keep it from collecting cobwebs and dust. This also shows respect to your meditation practice.

Add a living plant to your meditation altar to symbolize life and vitality. This will also help cleanse the space and bring in new energy as you meditate.


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