July 16, 2023

How to Clean Baby Neck Folds

Newborn babies have the most soft, delicate skin. That is part of what makes them so adorable, but it also creates a vulnerability to skin conditions. One of the most common and dangerous newborn skin issues is rashes around the neck folds. The condition is called baby neck cheese and can be extremely itchy, red, or even bleeding in severe cases. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help your infant’s neck rash heal and prevent future episodes.

The first step is regular cleaning. Use a wipe to clean the area multiple times per day and after every feeding. This will remove any milk, drool, or sweat that may have collected in the area. It is also important to wash the skin with mild, fragrance-free soap to keep it as clean as possible.

Another important step is keeping the area dry. Newborns are notorious for drooling, and this drool can easily travel from the mouth to the neck folds where it becomes trapped. A bib or burp cloth can be helpful to keep drool off of the neck folds.

Once the area is cleaned and dried, a barrier cream can be used to protect the skin from friction and irritants. Zinc-oxide barrier creams are popular and effective, but petroleum jelly or other mineral oils can be used as well. After applying the product, a bib or burp cloth can be placed over it so that your baby does not rub against the area as they eat.


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