March 23, 2023

How to Choose the Best Meditation Crystal

best meditation crystal

Crystals for meditation are a great way to get into a meditative state. They work on all levels of the mind and body to help you get into a state of heightened awareness.

They're also a great tool to help you focus on an intention while you meditate. Think about what you want to achieve from your meditative practice - is it more self love, more confidence or more inner peace?

Then consider what crystals are aligned with these intentions and the energies that will help you get there. Choose a crystal that's calling to you and use it as your meditation stone!

Choosing the right crystal for you is all about intuition. Trust your gut instinct and try to listen to your own guidance as much as possible when it comes to picking out your meditation crystals!

Start by selecting a crystal that you feel comfortable with and ask it for permission to use. Then hold it in your hand, or place it around your body, and let it speak to you. It may have colour, sounds, sensations or visuals that it wants you to notice.

Next, lie down and place the crystal on the chakra that you wish to focus on in your meditative practice. This will allow you to feel the energy of the crystal flow through your body, and will give you a better sense of what it's doing.

When you're meditating, it is important to keep your eyes closed as much as possible to focus on your intention and the healing properties of the crystal. Using a crystal grid can also be helpful when you are focusing on your crystals. A crystal grid is a visual representation of your intention and the healing properties of the crystals you're working with.


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