March 19, 2023

How to Choose a Zafu Meditation Cushion

zafu meditation cushion

A zafu meditation cushion is the perfect meditative tool. It elevates the hips and supports the back as you meditate, keeping your spine aligned. It also encourages healthy posture by preventing pressure points that can lead to discomfort, aches, and pains.

The most common style of zafu is the round cushion, which many beginners use to start their zen practice. Most of these cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls to provide a comfortable and supportive surface.

V-Shaped Meditation Cushions

If you find the traditional round zafu too stiff or uncomfortable, consider the V-shaped variety that offers more support to your knees and lower body. They also come with zippered covers that let you add or remove buckwheat hulls to adjust the height.

Traditional Zafu Cushions

The traditional zafu style is still used by many meditators, but now there are several options to choose from. The half-moon zafu, for example, has a crescent shape that allows you to tuck your ankles in closer than the round version does.

Traditional Zafu with Pockets

The zafu meditation cushion is one of the most popular options for meditators, but it can be hard to find. This cushion from the San Francisco Zen Center Bookstore is a good choice for beginners or those with physical limitations, as it has pockets to hold buckwheat hulls and has an easy-to-use handle.

Monk-tested and monk-approved

These cushion sales support the work of the Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, which is why they are often referred to as “monk-tested, monk-approved.” The company uses USA-made materials, but the covers are made of polyester fiber that is machine-washable.


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