November 18, 2023

How to Cancel Peloton Membership

Peloton brings studio-like fitness classes to your home with their bike, treadmills, and rows. They offer a variety of workouts like yoga, strength, HIIT, and pilates. It is a great way to stay on track with your exercise goals or even start them. However, if you decide that you no longer want to use Peloton or it is not working with your schedule anymore, you can cancel your membership.

Whether you are canceling because you’re moving, need to cut back on expenses, or your free trial period is over, it is very simple to do. You will need to log in to your Peloton account on their website or app and then click on the gear icon and select “Membership”. From there you will be able to select whether you would like to cancel or pause your subscription.

You can also change the owner of your Peloton All-Access Membership to another person. You can email Peloton support to let them know you no longer want your membership but there is someone in your life who could benefit from it. Then the membership can be reactivated in their name.

If you want to keep track of all your subscriptions in one place, try Emma. It allows you to see all your money in one place and helps you avoid overpaying by not paying for services you no longer need. It is a great tool to have, especially when you’re trying to cancel Peloton or other subscriptions.


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