February 12, 2024

How to Block Internet on a Child’s Phone - Easy Tutorial

We’re living in a digital era that has made today’s kids tech-savvy, but their screen time has escalated out of control.

If that’s also the case with your kid, you might be wondering, how can I block the internet on my child's phone? Let’s discuss how to achieve that.

Disable Internet on Your Kid's Phone: 10 Important Reasons

Nowadays, there are a lot of dangers that children can experience online. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to actively take steps and protect their kids from them. Here is you can find app to monitor childs iphone.

Here’s a list of the top reasons to block/restrict internet access on your child's phone:

Inappropriate Content: While using the internet, kids may encounter violent/sexual material, which can affect their development and emotional well-being negatively.

Cyberbullying: Using online platforms can expose children to cyberbullying, teasing, and harassment, causing severe emotional and psychological consequences.

Addiction: Using social media or playing online video games excessively can cause addiction in kids and impact their mental health, academics, and social life.

Unreliable Information: Children may come across misinformation on the internet, leading to confusion and a distorted understanding of facts.

Dangerous Games: Kids can participate in dangerous online games like Blue Whale, which poses serious physical and mental health risks.

Online Predators: There are individuals online who pretend to be someone else to befriend children and manipulate them for malicious purposes.

Privacy Concerns: Kids can accidentally share personal information online, which may expose them to identity theft, stalking, and other forms of exploitation.

Intrusive Advertising: Intrusive advertising is about forcing unwanted ads on users, and it can exploit children's vulnerabilities and influence their behavior in harmful ways.

Malware and Viruses: Children can unknowingly download infected files or visit malicious websites that can harm their devices and compromise personal information.

Dangerous Trends: Kids can get involved in harmful social media trends like the blackout challenge, and it can affect their physical and/or mental health.

How Do I Restrict My Child’s Internet Access?

Using parental control apps, such as Parentaler, mSpy or EyeZy is the easiest way to restrict your kid’s internet access.

Parentaler is one of the most trustworthy and reliable examples of such apps. It allows you to monitor your kid’s online activity and ensure robust parental controls for internet usage.

Here’s a list of features Parentaler offers.

Browsing History Monitoring: Provides a comprehensive view of your child's online activity.

Websites Blocking: Allows you to restrict access to inappropriate websites.

Location Tracking: Provides you with a Geo-Fencing tool that notifies you if your child enters restricted or allowed areas and gives you the exact location coordinates marked on the map.

Keylogger: Offers a detailed log of everything typed on the keyboard to monitor your kid's interactions.

Keyword Alerts: Generates real-time notifications for dangerous keywords that appear during your child's online engagement.

Social Media Monitoring: Allows you to track your child's activity on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Parentaler

Setting up Parentaler is quick and easy, as it takes only 5–10 minutes.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the official Parentaler website and create an account.

2. Download the app directly on the website.

3. Install Parentaler using the downloaded file.

4. After installation open the app and log in with your credentials.

5. Allow all requested permissions that will appear on the screen.

6. All set! You can start monitoring!

Other Methods to Disable Your Kid’s Internet Usage

Besides the parental monitoring apps, there are alternative methods that can be pretty effective in blocking Internet Usage. However, they might require some technical know-how with device settings.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the complexity of each of the following methods. It’ll help you choose the option that matches your technical capabilities for effective parental control on internet access.

Turn Off Wi-Fi on Electronic Devices

An easy way to restrict your kid’s internet usage is to simply turn off their device’s Wi-Fi. It comes in handy for little kids who can’t turn on Wi-Fi themselves due to their age or developmental stage.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Grab your kid’s device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and go to “Settings”.

2. Select “Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Settings” from the menu.

3. Use the toggle to turn Wi-Fi off.

Disable Internet on Android Devices

Disabling Wi-Fi won’t keep your kid from using mobile data. If they have an Android device, use the following method to disable the mobile data internet on it.

1. Go to the device’s settings and search for “Mobile Networks”.

2. Select “APN/Access Point Names” and tap on the already selected APN.

3. It’ll open a small popup, titled APN, with a text field.

4. Type “abc” in that field and tap “OK”.

Important Note: To resume normal functionality, you’ll need to eject and reinsert the SIM card.

Restrict Website Access on iOS devices

iOS devices come with a powerful feature called Screen Time. It allows you to manage your children's internet access by implementing website restrictions.

To set up website restrictions:

1. Access Settings and select “Screen Time”.

2. Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” (enter passcode if configured).

3. Go to “Content Restrictions”, and select “Web Content”.

4. Select “Limit Adult Websites” to restrict access to adult content in the Safari browser and other apps.

For specific website control:

1. In the “Web Content” page, tap on “Add a Website” under “NEVER ALLOW”,

2. Input the website URL to block it.

Important Note: You can also select the “Allowed Websites” options and enter the desired URLs. This way, only the entered URLs will be accessible on the device.


Although the internet has become an essential part of the modern world, it's critical to protect your kids from potential online dangers.

The most effective approach is to monitor your kid’s online activity with a modern app like Parentaler and restrict their internet access if necessary.

It’ll allow you to provide your kid with a safe digital environment and ensure their well-being.


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