November 18, 2023

How to Be Alone - An Extrovert's Guide to Being Alone

Many people feel uncomfortable being alone. The good news is that learning to enjoy solitude doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you are an extrovert.

Loneliness can affect everyone, especially those with chronic illness or who have a disability. It can also be caused by major changes in life, such as divorce or the loss of a loved one.

The good news is that loneliness can be treated by making changes, such as finding a hobby or learning new skills. These activities can help you develop a sense of purpose and meaning, and they can also provide an outlet for your feelings. You can find creative outlets through hobbies like painting or writing, take a class in a subject you’re interested in, or even volunteer in your community.

Another way to combat loneliness is by focusing on positive thoughts. This can be hard for some, but it is important to practice self-care by challenging negative thinking. When you notice yourself slipping into a negativity pattern, try to replace those negative thoughts with something more constructive, such as reminding yourself that you are strong and will survive.

Maika Monroe (IT FOLLOWS, THE GUEST, WATCHER) is terrific as Lucy in this short. She delivers a performance that is both frightening and relatable. The cinematography by Caleb Hemann and production design by Susannah Lowber add a pop visual style that is both enchanting and nightmarish. Fresh off its SXSW Midnight Shorts run, How To Be Alone is worth a look. It’s a solid debut for writer-director Trefry, who has already had several scripts make the Black List.


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