April 16, 2023

How to Activate CBD

how to activate cbd

Activating CBD

Whether you are using a tincture, capsule, oil or gummies, activated cbd is key to getting the full benefits. This is a process that allows you to get the most out of your product and it’s simple.

Decarboxylation Explained

Cannabis consists of hundreds of cannabinoids, many of which are grouped together in what is called carboxyl acids (C-A and B-A). In their raw form, these compounds are acidic and release carbon dioxide when you heat them up or burn them off.

When this happens, the carboxyl groups become decarboxylated and the molecule is converted to a more active, bioavailable version of the cannabinoid. This can make the CBD more effective in your body, making it easier for it to get to work.

How to Activate CBD

There are several ways to activate cbd, but the most common is through smoking. This method involves burning the plant material with a butane lighter, which then decarbs it and activates the cannabinoids.

Another way to decarboxylate a plant is through baking. Adding a bit of butter to the plant material and heating it can help to decarboxylate the plant materials, which in turn will increase their effectiveness as a medicinal herb.

It’s important to note that a decarboxylated form of cbd will still have trace amounts of THC, which is a psychoactive compound. However, this is not enough to produce the typical THC-type effects you would get from a standard marijuana joint.


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