March 23, 2023

How Rain Meditation Music Can Help You Deal With Emotional Trauma

rain meditation music

The calming sound of rain has been known to help relax, sleep and focus. Whether you prefer the gentle sound of spring rain, steady rain or tropical thunder, this relaxing meditation music will help you achieve a peaceful and meditative state.

Mindfulness, the broader term for a group of techniques that encourage a heightened sense of awareness, has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and increase energy levels. But meditation isn't just for relaxation — it can also be helpful in dealing with emotional trauma.

RAIN, an acronym for recognize, accept, investigate and nurture, is a mindfulness practice developed by meditation teacher Michele McDonald. It's a simple process that encourages compassionate self-awareness and allows you to be more accepting of your feelings, including the ones that aren't so nice.

Listening to RAIN can help you detach from difficult emotions and thoughts that seem like they're holding you back, says therapist Tara Brach. It's a way to approach those tough feelings without getting hung up on them, she tells Life Kit host Allison Aubrey.

You'll begin by recognizing the emotion you are feeling and how it is affecting your experience. Then you'll acknowledge that it's there and that you have the power to change it. Next, you'll ask yourself what you think about it and what is asking for your attention right now. Finally, you'll nurture yourself with compassion for the part of your body that needs it.


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