August 18, 2023

How Often Should I Take Cranberry Pills?

Cranberry pills offer many benefits to women, from preventing UTIs to helping with menstrual symptoms. They are one of nature’s most abundant sources of antioxidants and beneficial compounds like quercetin, myricetin, peonidin, and A-type proanthocyanidins. This helps the body by protecting against oxidative stress and reducing inflammation. They also have natural anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antibiofilm properties which help to eliminate toxins in the urinary tract.

Taking cranberry pills is also known to reduce the acidity of urine and help the kidneys filter out bacteria. These nutrients are also said to help with lowering blood pressure, treating high cholesterol, helping with digestion, and strengthening bones. It’s important to check the label of your cranberry pill before buying, as some have added ingredients that could interfere with your health. The best cranberry pills should only contain the natural nutrients from cranberries, not fillers or other artificial ingredients.

The frequency of cranberry pills depends on your individual needs and overall health. Some people who have a history of UTIs or other bladder issues may benefit from taking them more often than others. The best way to find out if you should take them more regularly is to talk to your GP or healthcare provider. They can recommend the right amount for you and explain any risks or side effects that might occur.

Taking cranberry pills can also help prevent UTIs for some people with neuropathic bladder, a condition that results from spinal cord injury (SCI). In a study of vulnerable older adults living in long-term care facilities, cranberry pills were shown to reduce symptoms associated with neuropathic bladder.


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