November 19, 2023

How Much Is This In Spanish?

One of the most essential phrases you'll need to learn when traveling in a Spanish speaking country is how to ask about prices. Whether it's food, lodging or random knick-knacks, knowing these phrases will help you avoid some tourist traps and possibly even lead to getting better deals from vendors.

This phrase is commonly used in shops, markets and cafes when asking about the price of a single item. It's also a great way to show off your knowledge of the Spanish language, as it sounds very native!

?Cuanto es? should be followed by a masculine or feminine noun. It can be confusing if the noun ends in an -O though it's feminine (LA mano) or an -A though it's masculine (EL mapa).

Another way to say how much something is, but not as clearly, is?Qué precio tiene el coche nuevo treinta y seis mil euros?. However, you should use this phrase only if the exact price is known or if you're comparing different items in the same category (e.g., a new thirty-six thousand euro car vs. a cheaper seventeen thousand dollar one).

You can also add the word "precio" to the end of this phrase to make it sound more formal. It's also a good idea to know that the word "costo" is sometimes used as an alternative to 'precio', especially when talking about currency. For example, if someone says: Cuánto costa este pen? you could respond: Cómo se denomina el costo en pesos mexicanos?


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