March 19, 2023

How Much Health Did a Supply Drop Balloon Originaly Have?

how much health did a supply drop balloon originally have

The earliest supply drops in Fortnite had 2,000 health. These balloons drop a supply crate that includes a weapon, ammo, materials, consumables and a Launch Pad. They can be damaged by players and their damage is displayed with a red reticle when they spawn. They also drop Epic weapons and sometimes contain other items like Traps.

The Defense Department is examining the wreckage of a Chinese spy balloon shot down last week. It is trying to determine what information the device gathered, whether it had real-time capabilities or stored data, and what China’s intelligence-gathering priorities are in the United States. It is also attempting to learn more about how it entered US airspace, according to several officials familiar with the investigation.

The balloon initially had 2,000 health and was downed with two bullets from the Navy’s destroyer. The US gleaned important clues about its capabilities while it was traveling through US airspace, the defense official said. That information could help the United States in future cases involving similar weather balloons, he said. The full analysis will take time as recovery efforts are still underway.


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