August 19, 2023

How Much Does it Cost to Get Butt Implants?

Whether you want to enhance the curves of your buttocks or restore a shapely bottom lost to age or pregnancy, there are several procedures that can help. The most common type of butt enhancement involves implant surgery, which is often paired with liposuction to achieve your desired shape. A second option is fat transfer, which uses your own body's natural fatty tissue to add volume.

The cost of butt implants varies by procedure and region, so it's important to understand what your options are before making a decision. To get a more accurate butt implant price quote, speak with multiple plastic surgeons in your area. Some providers also offer patient financing, which can make this procedure more affordable.

Before the procedure, your doctor will administer anesthesia to ensure you don't feel pain during the surgery. They will then create pockets in the buttock crease or between your cheeks to insert your implants.

A plastic surgeon may also choose to do a composite butt implant graft, in which case they will suction fat from another part of your body -- usually the abdomen or flanks -- and then inject it into the buttocks. This can help add more natural-looking contouring, but it's typically not an option for patients who desire very prominent central buttock projection.

Some doctors may include the cost of post-op compression garments and medications in your buttock augmentation surgery, while others will charge these separately. Be sure to ask about the surgeon's hourly fee and any other business expenses that they may incur. Also, keep in mind that your medical insurance will likely not cover this procedure.


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