November 18, 2023

How Much Do Perms Cost?

A perm can dramatically alter the texture of your hair, transforming it into long-lasting curls or waves. It can also reduce the need for constant styling with a straightener or a curling iron. However, it can be expensive to get a perm, particularly when you factor in the cost of other salon services like haircuts and upkeep.

There are multiple factors that affect how much a perm will cost. For example, some stylists may use more or less chemicals than others, and their experience level will also impact the price. In addition, the length of your hair will be a major factor, as it will take more time and product to set perm rods in longer hair. It’s important to choose a stylist with plenty of experience, as they will know how to get the best results out of your perm and prevent damage.

You can also save money on a perm by choosing to go to a stylist academy instead of a traditional salon. However, this is not a service to cut corners on, as excessive amounts of heat and chemicals can harm your hair and scalp. Also, a student will not have the same expertise as a certified stylist and you might be stuck with a style that doesn’t suit your face shape or body type.

Once you’ve had a perm, it’s important to keep it looking healthy by using products that will hydrate and strengthen it. A leave-in conditioner that contains kelp and other nourishing ingredients will help to prevent breakage while providing your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay strong and vibrant. Another great option is a dry oil spray, which can be found at stores like Bread Beauty Supply for around $28 per bottle.


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