November 19, 2023

How Much Do Neurologists Make?

A neurologist’s salary depends on the subspecialty, work setting, location and years of experience. Those with advanced training and expertise in in-demand subspecialties can command an even higher starting salary.

According to the medical news site Medscape, neurologist salaries have seen modest gains in 2022. However, the aging baby boomer population has created a demand for more physicians than ever before. And with new lines of therapy requiring 24/7 neurology coverage in tertiary care facilities, the need for neurologists is likely to increase further.

The salary for a neurologist may also be affected by the type of healthcare organization. Professionals employed by hospitals typically earn a higher salary than those in private practices or at universities and colleges. Hospital-based neurologists can also expect to receive annual bonuses and profit sharing as a result of their performance.

Neurologists can often earn additional income by serving on hospital committees or acting as a speaker for a pharmaceutical company. Additionally, many neurologist derive a portion of their income from medical legal cases.

After working in the field for several years, a neurologist’s salary can significantly exceed $300,000. This hefty income may be especially important if the physician has significant student debt to pay off. Physicians can also pursue student loan forgiveness in order to help reduce their outstanding debt. This can be accomplished through negotiating for the right incentives during their employment with their current employer. Taking steps to network with other healthcare professionals, attending industry conferences and joining professional associations can also lead to career advancement opportunities.


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