November 18, 2023

How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make?

When most people think of the job title “crime scene cleaner,” they envision a person in hazmat suits scrubbing bloodstains off carpeting. However, this career is more than that. Crime scene cleaners are responsible for restoring the contaminated aftermath of tragic events like meth labs, murders, suicides, industrial accidents and other situations that leave behind dangerous materials.

The field is highly specialized and regulated, requiring extensive training and a specific personality to work in. Crime scene cleaners often have to deal with unimaginable sights, including the bodies of murdered victims, skeletonized remains and chemically-contaminated rooms filled with toxic irritants. They also have to follow strict safety regulations and decontamination methods for bloodborne pathogens.

Despite the grim nature of their duties, crime scene cleaners find satisfaction in their work. Alabama Bio-Clean founder Stuart Frandsen, who has worked in the business for 15 years (including 11 as the owner of his company), says that the best part of his career is hearing from clients thanking him for his help rebuilding their lives after a tragedy.

While crime scene cleanup is not a career for everyone, those who can stomach it are in high demand and enjoy lucrative paychecks. The amount of money a crime scene cleaner makes depends on their level of education and the area in which they live. Those with advanced degrees, who are certified and have management experience, can expect to make more than those without these qualifications.


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