November 19, 2023

How Much Are Breast Reductions?

Most breast reductions aren’t covered by health insurance. This is because they are usually considered to be a cosmetic procedure rather than an essential one. However, many women who undergo the procedure find that they experience physical discomfort due to large breasts such as back pain, neck strain, rashes and infections, and difficulty fitting into clothes. These symptoms can be severe enough that they limit a person’s daily activities and affect their quality of life. Breast reductions, or reduction mammaplasty, can be a good solution for these issues.

The surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. It can last up to 5 hours. The surgeon will make an incision around the nipple and down into the breasts in a keyhole shape to remove excess tissue, fat and skin. The nipple is then relocated and the incisions are sutured. In some cases liposuction is also used to create a more proportional figure.

Post-surgery, patients will need to rest for a few days. However, most patients can return to work within a week after they are no longer taking prescription pain medications. Incisions may be swollen for a while and the surgeon will recommend that patients wear a surgical bra. They will also need to avoid direct exposure to the sun for about three months to prevent scars from darkening.

Like other cosmetic surgeries, the costs of breast reductions vary from surgeon to surgeon based on their location, years of experience, skills and advanced training. In addition to the surgeon’s fees, there are other expenses that can add up, such as medical tests, prescription medications, post-surgical garments and follow-up appointments.


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