December 9, 2023

How Many Likes on Hinge Are Enough?

Hinge limits users to 8 likes per day which resets at 4:00 AM daily. This may seem restrictive compared to other dating apps, however, it’s a great way to ensure that the app’s users are being self-aware, not swiping outside their league and focusing on making actual connections rather than mindless swiping. This is also how the app has been able to foster meaningful relationships in its user base.

On average, women will receive more likes than men on hinge. However, the number of likes can vary dramatically from person to person. This depends on your first photo, your answers to the prompts and your overall quality as a profile. If you want to learn more about how to make your Hinge profile work for you, check out ROAST, an expert service that will radically increase the amount of likes and matches you get on the dating app.

If you feel that eight likes isn’t enough, Hinge offers a premium subscription that allows you to have unlimited likes. This subscription also unlocks other features such as seeing everyone who has already liked you before you’re matched, and allows you to have more control over the matches that you see in your feed. However, this is not necessary to succeed on the app, and there are plenty of strategies available that can help you boost your likes without paying for a premium subscription. Try out our free text domination course to learn some of these techniques and maximize your chances on the app!


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