November 18, 2023

How Many Holes Does a Woman Have?

If you’re a girl, you have three holes in your vulva area. The urethral opening, vagina and anus. The urethral opening is where you pee. The vagina is where you bleed, have sex and give birth to babies and the anus is where you excrete your feces.

Many people are unsure how many holes are in the female body and this can lead to incorrect behaviours such as inserting a finger or penis into the urethra. This can cause damage to the urethra, and it’s also painful to have objects stuck in there!

During puberty, you may start to notice that your hymen is no longer fully covering the vaginal opening. This is normal, and it’s not a sign that you are no longer a virgin. However, it can be stretched by physical activities, sex or tampon use and it can even tear on its own.

It’s important to know how many holes are in the female body so you can be more confident about your personal hygiene and sex. The genital anatomy of women is complex, and it’s surprising that so many people are unsure how many holes are in their vulva!


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