December 11, 2023

How Many Holes Does a Woman Have?

When it comes to the female body, there are many things that seem mysterious, especially those in our nether regions. One such question recently came to Bachelor alum Annaliese Byrne’s attention when a listener of her podcast, Life Uncut, told her that he believed women have just one single hole down there.

The truth is, we have three portals in our vulva area: the top opening of the urethral (the tiny hole that allows you to pee), the middle, known as your vagina, and the bottom, called the anus. It’s important to understand the function of each to make informed decisions about personal hygiene, sexually transmitted infections, and even our overall health.

A thin membrane called the hymen usually surrounds or partially covers your vaginal opening, but it may naturally stretch or tear as a result of physical activity, exercise, sex, or inserting tampons. The hymen is not an indicator of virginity and does not necessarily need to be removed.

When taking measurements, it’s best to use a cloth tape measure against your bare skin to get the most accurate reading possible. Also, be sure you are not wearing anything that will affect your waistline or hips, such as a belt. To find your natural waist, stand straight up and bend side to side, finding where your body creases. This is your natural waist and is usually a little bit below the level of your belly button, but it can vary from person to person.


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