November 19, 2023

How Many Holes Do Women Have?

Many people don't realize that women have more holes than men – and not just for body piercings. The female genitalia, or vulva, has three natural holes that connect your internal and external functions – the urethral opening, vagina, and anus.

The top of your vulva has the urethral opening, which allows you to pee. The middle hole is your vagina, which can be entered by a penis, finger, sex toy, or tampon for sex. A thin membrane called a hymen usually surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening. It may stretch during exercise, sex or when inserting a tampon. Some people have a perforated or ruptured hymen, which is not an indicator of virginity.

At the bottom of your vulva is your anus, which allows you to poop. This is a narrow hole that is surrounded by the labia (finger-like projections). It is through these that your eggs are released during ovulation. The fallopian tubes, which run from each ovary to the uterus, help guide the eggs to the uterus where fertilization typically occurs if sperm and egg meet.

The G-spot, or clitoris hole, is another area that feels pleasurable when stimulated during sexual activity. Some women get their clitoris or labia pierced, creating more than two holes in their genital areas.


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