March 19, 2024

How Many Grams in a Gallon of Corn Syrup?

As you prepare your recipes, it can be challenging to convert measurements between grams (g), cups, milliliters and ounces. Thankfully, our easy-to-use table can quickly help you locate both wet and dry ingredients within one gallon of liquid or dry volume.

Karo dark corn syrup is a restaurant favorite and widely used to add deep molasses flavor to cakes, pastries, and desserts. Not only can it prevent ice crystals in frozen desserts but it can also enhance fruit flavors in jams and preserves and sweeten homemade candy - not forgetting its versatility in being used to glaze baked ham or chicken, barbecue sauces and smokey meat glazes!

Karo light corn syrup has a lower density than sugar but can still be used for its intended purposes, including making pecan pies and traditional candies, thickening foods and adding moisture to baked goods and sauces, thickening foods as well as thickening them out.

When pouring liquids, it is important to remember that less dense ones float on top of more dense ones due to pressure from more dense liquid pushing against its surface, creating a buoyancy force and keeping it above.

Care should be taken when pouring, to avoid overmixing the food and ensure quality in the end product. If in doubt about the consistency of your syrup, test with some sliced fruit in water; they'll sink if it is too heavy while floating will show its lightness.


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