February 3, 2024

How Many Grams in a Gallon of Corn Syrup?

how many grams in a gallon of corn syrup

One gallon of corn syrup weighs approximately 40 grams due to its higher density level compared to milk, meaning for equal volumes, corn syrup weighs more.

Corn Syrup can be found as an additive in numerous recipes, from pies to candies, jams and jellies, fountain syrups and glazes. Corn Syrup makes an ideal baking partner due to its ease of dissolving and long shelf life; plus it is Kosher certified.

Corn syrup may be added to baby formula for sensitive or hypoallergenic infants in order to minimize digestive upset, as many formula manufacturers strive to offer alternatives that won't trigger lactose intolerance in infants.

Consuming too much corn syrup (or any sugar) will result in weight gain as the body cannot metabolise all the calories effectively and will convert the extra ones to fat stores. Therefore, food labels with caloric counts are so vital.

As discussed previously, high fructose corn syrup contains over 50% fructose. Fructose is processed differently by our bodies than glucose and leads to an increase in blood triglycerides which store in fat tissue causing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health complications.


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