April 1, 2024

How Many Grams in a Gallon of Corn Syrup?

how many grams in a gallon of corn syrup

Corn syrup is an integral component of many desserts, beverages, and foods, including jams and jellies. As with other forms of sugar consumption, corn syrup should only be taken in moderation to achieve maximum benefit.

Are you curious to find out how much is in a gallon of corn syrup? With our food calculator, it's simple. Just choose your unit of volume (ounces or grams) and type in your food item to get its weight - * can also be used as a wildcard match option while quotes provide exact matches.

Corn syrup is often called for in recipes because it is an invert sugar, meaning that when it cools it doesn't crystallize like other forms of sugar would. This property makes corn syrup ideal for making smooth-textured treats like fudge. Furthermore, its superior consistency provides caramel or glazes with the desired results.

Before choosing an alternative to corn syrup, it's essential to carefully consider both your recipe and other ingredients. Substitutions may alter the flavor, while others cannot stand up to heat as effectively - such as plain sugar which does not caramelize at high temperatures like corn syrup can.


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