November 19, 2023

How Many Cups Is 12 Ounces?

A common cooking question is how many cups is 12 ounces. While you may think the answer is easy, it really depends on what you’re measuring. For dry ingredients, such as flour or chocolate chips, you’ll need to measure by weight using a kitchen scale. However, for liquid ingredients, like water or milk, you can use a clear measuring cup that has ounce markers on the side. The ounce markers on these cups refer to fluid ounces, so they will not be the same as the ounce measurements on a kitchen scale. For example, 1 cup of water weighs 8 fl oz, but the same cannot be said for one cup of sugar.

The most accurate way to determine how many cups is 12 ounces is by using a kitchen scale. Then, you can divide the measurement by the scale’s smallest unit of measure, which is a tablespoon. A tablespoon is equal to 0.375 cups. So, 12 tablespoons is equal to 1.25 cups.

To learn more about how to convert between different measurement units, check out our cooking conversion calculator. It can help you convert between US cups, UK (Imperial) cups, metric cups and more. You can also choose how you want to display the results: as a decimal, scientific notation or as a fraction. Each form has its own advantages and uses, but the important thing is that you’re able to accurately convert between measurements when cooking!


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