March 19, 2023

How Many Calories in a Little Caesars Thin Crust Nutrition Pizza

little caesars thin crust nutrition

Pizza isn’t exactly a health food hub, but it can still be an occasional treat that doesn’t take up too many calories. Little Caesars offers a wide variety of ready-made pizzas, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.

Whether you’re a calorie-conscious eater or want to enjoy your favorite pizzas in moderation, it’s important to know how many calories in a little caesars thin crust pizza. You’ll also need to make wise choices when it comes to toppings and calorie counts, but a little planning can go a long way towards making your dietary habits more sustainable.

Calories in Pepperoni Pizza

A large slice of Little Caesars pepperoni pizza contains 510 calories, so you should limit this option to a few times a month if your goal is to keep your calories in check. This is especially true if you’re trying to avoid excess sodium.

Other Options

If you’re a fan of pepperoni, try to replace it with healthier toppings like fresh mushrooms and sliced onions. These ingredients have fewer calories than the usual pepperoni slices and add additional vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to your meal.

You can also mix and match your cheeses to create a pizza that’s more nutrient-dense than standard pepperoni. If you’re looking to cut down on calories, you can also substitute low-fat mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Wings & Breadsticks

While Little Caesars doesn’t offer much for those with specific diets, the oven-roasted wings are a healthy alternative to two or more slices of pizza. They’re a good choice for people with diabetes, as they can be combined with veggies for more protein and less fat.


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